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. . . our daily business functions are more productive, our data is protected and our employees can focus on their job duties rather than IT problems.

Jeff Jertberg
VanBerg Construction

On-site Tech Support offers managed IT services, specifically designed for small businesses. Anyone who has ever worked with a computer knows that things go wrong. Eventually, you are going to need IT support. But rather than waiting until something breaks, On-site Tech Support’s managed IT services proactively manages your network, identifies potential problems, and fixes it before it breaks.

Managed Service Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Our proactive managed IT services plan is a true partnership between On-site Tech Support, and you, the client. Since we offer an all-inclusive model, both you and On-site Tech Support have the same goal: Minimize problems. If at any time you are unsatisfied with the services provided, you may cancel the contract at no charge.

  • On-site Tech Support guarantees you will be completely satisfied with our managed IT services
  • On-site Tech Support guarantees that we will respond to all requests in a timely manner
  • On-site Tech Support guarantees service with a smile
  • On-site Tech Support guarantees a working backup

Unlimited Phone, Email, and Web Support

An inherent conflict of interest exists with the Time and Materials model.  The more IT problems that occur, and the longer it takes to fix those problems, the more money the IT provider makes. We solve this problem by offering unlimited tech support.  Real unlimited support, not just phone, email and remote, but on-site as well.  Any employee can call from anywhere, and get help with any device. This helps us resolve the minor issues, before they turn into major issues.


Business managers have shouldn’t be taking time away from their core competencies to review backup logs, troubleshoot errors, determine which system files should be skipped, or anything of the like. However, this task is critical to the integrity of the business, and must not be overlooked. According to the National Archives & Records Administration in Washington, 93% of companies that lost access to their data for 10 days filed bankruptcy within 1 year. Included in On-site Tech Support’s managed services SLA is the daily verification of backups. If you don’t have a backup system, we provide that too.

No Spam

OTS provides your entire organization anti-SPAM e-mail message filtering seamlessly and easily from a hosted, central environment that has state-of-the-art SPAM detection capabilities. Our technology will allow you to manage your communication policies from one central location and will help ensure that only e-mail messages that your users want to see get through. Best of all, since the OTS Managed Anti-SPAM Service is 100% hosted, there’s absolutely no hardware or software to purchase or install. And we handle all the maintenance for you!

Your network doesn’t take the hits, we do — One of the best features of our hosted anti-SPAM service is that your network resources are spared the constant barrage of incoming spam messages. Since we filter SPAM out before it ever reaches your network, our anti-SPAM service helps ensure that your network performance stays high and that your users stay productive.

If an outage is detected, the OTS EBS service immediately redirects your incoming e-mails to our mail backup systems where they are maintained in a queue until your mail server is restored, at which point all stored messages are automatically transmitted to your mail server (EBS provides up to 5 days and 10 Gigabytes of electronic mail store and forward capability for a single domain). Until your server is back up and running, users are able to access email via web interface so work can continue, even though the server is down.

Monthly Report Cards

We deliver a monthly report of all proactive maintenance performed, including system updates, backup verification, errors identified and resolved, and anything else needed to ensure the integrity of your information technology systems.

Third Party Vendor Management

On-site Tech Support works with all IT vendors!  Have you ever had a software vendor try to walk you through a technical task which was way over your head, and way below your pay grade? These are chores that you can offload to the helpful engineers at On-site Tech Support. We speak the language, and will act as a liaison to your other IT vendors to ensure their products are implemented correctly for your business.  After all, anything that runs on the network is the responsibility of the IT company anyway, so why not let us manage them.

Service Level Agreements

Our Service Level Agreement, or SLA, is the glue that binds all of our managed IT services offerings to you, the client. We don’t just offer empty promises. We strive to exceed our client’s expectations, and hold ourselves accountable. When you know how long it takes for us to respond to a particular issue, you save time by not having to repeatedly call, or report the same issue twice.

Annual Budget Meetings

We sit down with you once per year and review where your IT dollars are going. We look for ways to save you money, and increase your efficiency with better technology. Good budget planning eliminates surprise IT expenditures and costly “emergency projects”.


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